Mission Statement:

         Welcome to our site!  We are Four State Paranormal.  While we are located in the southwest Missouri area, we travel throughout the four-state area helping those who believe to be having paranormal experiences.  Our methods are science and logic based.  We do not use items such as ouiji boards or practice any religion during our investigation.     

         Our goals are to help those who are in need, educate, and document any paranormal activity for study.  We are an experienced group of investigators with different backgrounds and outlooks toward the paranormal.  We do not charge for ourinvestigations as we are a not-for-profit team. 




             Not many know that FSP originally started out under the name P.I.O.S.W.M. (Paranormal Investigators of Southwest Missouri).  In 2006, PIOSWM was founded by Mike Haney and David Glidden.  Many investigators came and went but Gene Keys was one of the lead investigators for many years.             

                 PIOSWM helped people who needed assistance, raised money, and even spotlighted in the media.  With appearances on 101.9 FM & 105.3 FM in Pittsburg, KODE12 ABC Joplin, KY3 NBC Springfield, as well as several newspaper outlets, PIOSWM grew in popularity over the years as well as thier reputation in the paranormal community.     

            After some time, team co-founder Mike Haney and lead investigator Gene Keys left PIOSWM.  While not having the cornerstones of the group, co-founder David Glidden felt that it wasn't right to continue PIOSWM without them.  And so, the name changed to Four State Paranormal.  With Jeremey Boyd, who at the time was a PIOSWM trainee, the team grew to what it is today and has continued the success of its former self.