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        So you've been on an investigation for six hours.  No personal experiences, dust all over your cameras, and you are about to give it one more go around.  Lets try povoking spirits into manifesting!!!  Your team then goes crazy, saying things they don't mean in the first place.  F-bombs are dropped, names are called, and you have nothing to show for it.  You've been there before and had some experiences, even a couple evps, but not this time.  Why is that?  You did what you had seen on tv...   

            Here is a few things that you might keep in mind.  Numbero uno, if the place you are investigating has a history of a residual style haunt, provoking will not make a dent.  I know, I'm shocked too.  Number two, if you have previously been there on multiple occasions and the haunting seems intelligent, you may have a problem.   If this "intelligent" spirit(s) has gotten used to you, gotten to know you, and/or remembers you and you've never antagonized it before, then a couple of things may be in play.  If this haunt is rather timid (like a child, woman, or former slave), yelling at it and making it uncomfortable generally won't work.  Why would it want to communicate with you when it can stay hidden?   

            You may also be known to the entity as a nice person, then all of a sudden there is a 180 flip in personality.  I tend to stay away from people like that myself.  You could come across as being mean, and face it, nobody likes a bully.  But different spirits react differently.  While the shy and weak may hide, the fearless and stronger spirits may confront the situation.  You very well could be dealing with something you were not prepared for.  In essence, you get what you wish for.   

            So you can either be nice and make them want to come to you, or be a bother and make them want to be rid of you.  Ultimately it is your choice in the matter and how you want to investigate.  I suggest mixing it up from time to time when neccessary.  I have a method worth trying that some groups may already be using in the art of provoking.  I suggest using one and only one person as the antagonist.   

            This person should ideally not be a repeat or familiar to the entities at the location.  This person should not be involved in the investigations in way of evp sessions or taking readings.  I suggest having them watch monitors until needed or having them show up later in the investigation when provoking is going to be used.   

           When called upon to antagonize, they should be the only person allowed in the building to speak during evp sessions.  They need to have the attention of any entity that may linger.  That may be disrupted by another person in another room asking questions of thier own.  Another important factor is believing what you say.  The antagonist must feel he means what is said.  If you believe what you say, others believe what they hear.  Also being able to feel what you say puts out an energy or aura.  Ever been in a room with someone who is mad?  You can sense that feeling and sometimes take on that energy without knowing it.  So an altered state of mind leads to altered energy.   

            In a nutshell, it helps to really get into it.  Try these when provoking is needed and you may get what you are looking for, just be very careful.